Glebe House Godstone Estate is a family run
business located in Godstone, Surrey


As grazing pigs our Gloucestershire Old Spots have spent their…
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In order to ensure a diet of fresh grass our Dexters rotate between…
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Bees are the only insects that produce food for humans to eat…
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Our eggs are produced by a mixed variety of 25 chickens …

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We have a varied selection, complete the contact form, email…
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To support the woodland conservation programme all…
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Why Glebe House

Glebe House is a family home in the village of Godstone in Surrey.

The dwindling population of some of the oldest breeds of livestock has been of growing concern to the farming population. We are committed to increasing the popularity (and the population) of these once loved breeds through our Gloucestershire Old Spot Pig and Dexter Cattle breeding programmes.

The Gloucestershire Old Spot is listed as category 5, minority as there are currently fewer than 1000 registered breeding females. The Dexter cattle breed is now considered a recovering breed due to its recent popularity and there are now over 4100 registered Dexter in the UK. These rare breeds are sought after due to their superior quality of meat.