In order to ensure a diet of fresh grass our Dexters rotate between 3 fields. Extra hay is provided for the winter months from a local farm and they are slaughtered locally to reduce stress.

The beef is of outstanding quality and flavour with good marbling. It tastes how beef used to taste.


Product Price
Fillet £44.00 per kg
Sirloin Steak £29.00 per kg
Rump £19.50 per kg
Brisket £12.00 per kg
Ribeye Steak £30.00 per kg
Topside £14.00 per kg
Silverside £13.00 per kg
Braising Steak £11.50 per kg
Chuck/Blade Stewing Steak £10.50 per kg
Mince £10.50 per kg
Skirt £12.00 per kg
Shin £6.50 per kg
Burgers £12.50 per kg
We have a varied selection of cuts available, complete the contact form, email or ring to find what we can offer.

Our prices include local delivery on orders over £30.