As grazing pigs our Gloucestershire Old Spots have spent their lives outside in a large woodland with plenty of foliage and space to run around. They are fed on sow nuts, apples from the orchard and vegetables from the cottage garden. They have straw filled arks which provide a warm bedding area.

Pork is extremely versatile with many cuts of meat offering extremely cost effective meal options from breakfast to dinner.

Product Price
Sausages/ Gluten Free Sausages £10.00 per kg/ £11.00 per kg
Burgers £10.00 per kg
Gammon £11.50 per kg
Chops/ Loins £10.00 per kg
Shoulder £9.00 per kg
Leg £9.50 per kg
Belly £7.50 per kg
Tenderloin £10.50 per kg 
Cheeks £10.00 per kg 
Gammon and bacon are vacuum packed and refrigerated. All other cuts and sausages are frozen.

We have a varied selection of cuts available, complete the contact form, email or ring to find what we can offer.

Our prices include local delivery on orders over £30.